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Krippled Fishing Lures

Krippled Fishing Lures has been in business since 1962. Partners, Jim Gilbert and Jack Robertson brought years of experience to the business. Jim is recognized as one of Canada’s most internationally acclaimed fishing guides and tackle designers. Jim and Jack introduced Krippled Minnows in 1962, Krippled Herring in 1970 and Krippled Anchovy in 1979.

In 1991, Butch McPherson, a long time employee, purchased the business and operates it now from Sooke, B.C., Canada. Butch has always been in the forefront of tackle trends. Krippled Fishing Lures continues to lead the industry with new color patterns. They are also recognized as the first lure manufacturer to incorporate Ultra Violet pigments into the base material. Krippled Fishing Lures is the #1 selling baitrig on the entire west coast from Alaska to California.


Durabaits are proven artificial baits. They are made to be easy to use, and most importantly, to catch fish. Durabaits uses a proprietary plastic compound to produce artificial anchovies and minnows available in a variety of colors and sizes. They make them pre-rigged with Krippled Anchovy teaser heads. Along with the addition of the Duraspoons and Durastrips products, they have proven to the fishing world that they are a powerhouse of innovation.  Durabaits operates out of Victoria, B.C., Canada, and has won several major Salmon Derbies.

G&K Supply

In the late 1980’s, while on a Salmon fishing trip in western Canada, I was introduced to a baitrig called the Krippled Anchovy. The guide swore by them, and they produced a trip of a lifetime for us. Before leaving for home, I took a trip to a local tackle shop and bought out their complete supply. After sharing these first Krippled Anchovies with my fishing buddies in California, I found out that they were not available for sale in the U.S. With the pressure mounting from my buddies to get them more, I was able to arrange for a new supply to be sent down to me.

After several years of using the hottest Salmon producers that we had ever come across, I set up G&K Supply in 1991 as a wholesale importer and distributor of Canadian Salmon Tackle. I took on quite a few different companies, but decided to stay with Krippled Fishing Lures and Durabaits, also from Canada, as my sole products. Since the inception of this website I have also added the Jughead Shakers line of premium plastics. I have also decided to venture into the Kokanee market. I am now offering a line that has been around for about 30 years called R & K Spinners.  G&K Supply, doing business as Krippled Fishing Lures, USA, is the exclusive United States distributor of Krippled Fishing Lures and the Durabaits artificial baits.

You can also see our product line at our sister site www.krippledusa.com