Dodger Bending and Action

Dodger Bending and Action is a simple task that really helps to produce fish.

In order to give your dodger a quicker action, bend the rear up. This is recommended for slower trolling speeds.

To stop your dodger from spinning, bend the front down. This is recommended for faster trolling speeds.

Dodgers effect different lures in different ways depending on the lure. Different lures have different actions. Some lures create their own action and others need a dodger or flasher to activate them. Therefore determining what type of lure you have is important in determining what your leader length should be. For example all of the Krippled baitrigs are active lures and do not need a dodger or flasher to activate them. But both dodgers and flashers will improve the performance of a non-active lure. Hoochies or vinyl non swimming lures are an example of a non-active lure.Therefore a longer leader is used on an active lure. Likewise on a non-active lure you need to shorten up the leader to about 2 times the length of the dodger or flasher that you are running.

Gold and Silver Kikker Dodger

Gold and Silver Kikker Dodger