What Our Customers Say

  • Thanks again for the chrome watermelon Krippled Anchovy helmets. I caught  pike ,cutthroat  trout , and landlocked king salmon this trip. Also thank you for suggesting the Durabaits. These work  almost as well as fresh herring. The durabaits now stay in my boat all  the time. Your selection and customer service is the best that I have found.

    Tim Ortiz, Spokane Valley, WA.
  • I’ve been a professional fishing guide at Lake Tahoe for almost 35 years and I’ve never lost my passion for fishing. Besides being one of the most beautiful places in the world, the lake has an amazing diversity of habitats for fish as well as an astonishing variety of species.

    Naturally, the key to being successful as a guide is to consistently bring home the fishy bacon, and doing that depends on not only experience but having the right ‘tool’ for the job. One of the tools I use and have used for years is the Krippled Anchovy bait rig. When trolling is the technique I need, that is one of the items that I always have in the tackle box.

    There are a lot of trolling lures that use the same principle, but Krippled is an old favorite and has produced hundreds of successful excursions for me and my clients.

    Of course I’m not stuck only in Tahoe which is home, but have fished the west coast from Mexico to Canada, and often the high performing lure in my group has been one of a selection of Krippled products.

    I use ’em, I like ’em, and they produce for me.

    Bruce Hernandez
    Tahoe Fishing Guide
  • I tried out one of your Durabait trout rigs at Lake Oroville and caught more than my friends (first time ever). Thanks for the great day.

    Rodger Emerson
    Chico, California
  • My fishing partner had a Durabait plastic anchovy and asked me to try it. It out-fished bait 3 to 1. Tell me how I can get some for myself.

    Jr. Meyer
    Seattle, Washington
  • I caught the biggest Salmon of my life this season on a UV Krippled Herring, 53 pounds!!

    Neil Morris
    South San Francisco, California
  • Ever since I started to use the Krippled Anchovy, I’m hooked. I have tried other rigs, but nothing works as easy and well. I don’t even allow other rigs on my boat anymore.

    Steve Robbins
    Astoria, Oregon
  • Bill Mohr
    Gold Beach, Oregon