Du-Bro downrigger release clip

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Du-Bro Adjustable Down-rigger Release Clip

These are the easiest to use Down-rigger Release clips that I have ever used. They are completely adjustable for the tension on the release. By simply turning a small adjustment screw, you are able to set this release to trip on the softest of strikes.

If you are tired of the cloths-pin style releases that usually do not work for small fish, try these. It only takes a few trial and error runs to set the perfect tension. When you switch to a larger dodger that has more pull on it, no problem. Just a simple turn on the adjustment screw will stop the false trips that we all had to suffer through. You start by setting your drop back length. Put a quick twist on the line, and then place the loop through the clip. Its as easy as that. I have used these releases at trolling speeds from 1mph to 2.5mph. With a simple adjustment I have not been plagued with either false trips or fish that do not release the line.

The Du-Bro clip also allows for a really easy self-release when you need to change or just check your bait. I usually fish alone, so a really reliable release clip is a real necessity for me. Just think, no more worrying about getting the line too deep into the old cloths pin release, and then dragging an undersized fish for hours. If your release does not work right, you are just trolling, not fishing.

Du-Bro Down-rigger Release clips are Proudly Made in America.